how we differ

Agency principals, Jody and Kara, sat down to write the “How We Differ” section of the website and explain what makes us stand apart in a crowded field of PR agencies. They soon scrapped that idea upon realizing it’s best you hear it from the team of unique, brilliant and passionate professionals that make us who we are...

  • Diamond PR is not a group of “delicate flowers”. Our clients and journalists trust us because they can talk to us. We’re publicists, but we’re people first. We’re honest, but we like to keep you guessing. We know exactly when and how to shake things up. - sydney

  • Like many of our travel and tourism clients, Diamond PR is more than just a company, it’s a lifestyle. A group of talented and creative women who constantly push themselves to generate publicity for their clients in ways that have never been thought of before. As a company, we have fought hard to establish our reputation of being innovative in our approach to travel and tourism PR and we continue to work even harder to maintain that status. - lisa

  • We’re a team that comes from different backgrounds with different opinions, different tastes, and different ideas and we take pride in that because to us, being diverse is what keeps us from producing unimaginative work and reaching creative plateaus. Diversity keeps new ideas flowing and new ideas get our clients noticed. - toni

  • Diamond PR is all about results…reinvented. We proudly thrive on developing strategy and trend-driven initiatives, and then seamlessly delivering them to the media. Our made-to-measure approach to public relations is why we "get" the industry, and why the industry "gets" us. - luisana