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priscilla ramos

account coordinator

"You can fake your way to the table, but ultimately you have to learn how to eat"- Kelly Cutrone

Priscilla is an Arizona native who knew she was destined for a life in Public Relations at a young age. Always the planner and chatty Kathy of her group, she studied at the University of Arizona and earned a degree in Communications to pursue her passion. From there, she traded desert days for the concrete jungle of New York City. After spending 2.5 years honing her PR chops working for top beauty brands and navigating the subway system, she moved back west for sunny California pastures- mixing business with pleasure in the form of travel PR. When she isn’t busy jetting off to one of her fabulous client’s properties, Priscilla enjoys hikes through Runyon Canyon, riding bikes along the Santa Monica Pier or trying the latest and greatest restaurants around town. Her favorite things include, good books, playing with four-legged friends, or spending time with friends and family. Special skills include speaking Spanish fluently and being able to name most dog breeds on command.