the agency

Diamond Public Relations shattered the walls of traditional PR in 2007, establishing a new firm founded on strong media relationships and superior knowledge of the travel industry, while embracing the adaptive qualities needed to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape that we live and breathe in.

We are an eclectic team comprised of the most varied, tapped in, enterprising and revolutionary public relations minds to hit the market. Our boutique, award winning South Florida based firm is situated on the fringes of the Design District, with a sister office in London and representatives in both New York City and Los Angeles.

Specializing in the travel, tourism and lifestyle sectors, we use the art of public relations and the popularity of social platforms to drive attention, notoriety, cache and ultimately business to our clients.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals provide ongoing PR campaigns for resorts worldwide. Proud of the fact that Diamond PR has never actively marketed itself, all new business, to date, has been referred via word of mouth based on the agency's stellar reputation in the industry and amongst clients. Having earned numerous awards for innovative campaigns, Diamond Public Relations continues to bring cutting edge, impactful campaigns to the forefront of the industry.